Slot Information for Cat Clans

In December 2021, Snowborn Games will debut its online slot game Cat Clans, which will be powered by the Microgaming software used by the casinos we promote.

The players are transported on an adventure with a group of medieval cats, where they can use swords and axes to try to earn a prize of up to 20,000 times their initial wager.

Style of Slots

The gameboard for Cat Clans is a basic 53, with 20 fixed paylines over 5 reels and 3 rows.

The game’s volatility is set to HIGH, and the RTP is exactly 96.00% until you utilize the Buy Free Spins Feature, in which case it increases to 96.57%.

Players searching for a slot with a cheap minimum wager and a huge maximum payoff will like this machine, since the highest payout is a whopping 20,000 times the initial investment.

Snowborn Games made a smart decision when designing the bet menu, which lets users pick their bet of choice with a minimum of hassle.

The game’s aesthetics may be described as “cartoonish,” with medieval touches, gorgeous animations, and stunning visuals.

The music and noises are combined into one rapid spin option in the options, so you can’t disable them independently.

If there’s one thing we learned when reviewing Snowborn Games’ Cat Clans slot machine, it’s that the developer prioritizes player satisfaction above all else.

Slot Functions

Wilds: The game’s wilds may replace any icon other than the free spins icons. When a symbol appears, a random multiplier between 1 and 5 is applied. All multiplier values are added together if a victory contains multiple wilds.

Win multipliers are all over the place because of how frequently they appear, even if you don’t activate any free spins.

Cat-a-pult Free Spins are activated by landing three Free Spins icons. These bonus turns reset to three at the beginning. When you land a Wild, the countdown starts again and the landed symbol stays put. With each remaining spin, the sticky Wild’s multiplier increases by 1, all the way up to a maximum of 9x.

With three successful sticky resets throughout this run, we were awarded nine free games and an 83x payout. The potential payouts are substantial if a player hits a few multipliers.

Because of the tremendous volatility, situating the sticky wilds is crucial; if they are too far apart, nothing will happen, and your overall win might be fairly little.

The Clan Battle Bonus is triggered by collecting the golden paw sign, which can occur atop any of the cat icons.

Because of how infrequently this function activates, we had given up hope that it would ever be necessary.

Each of the four cat families receives a unique reward and spin counter to use during the bonus round of five free games. The number increases the more times that symbol appears throughout the bonus rounds. The 5 free spins will end with a victory for whichever symbol appeared the most frequently.

On our third spin, the green cat clan’s 2,000x payment was in the lead, but the red cat clan made it to 10 and paid out just 20x. If the outcome of the spin is a tie, more rounds will be played until one clan emerges victorious.

The player can pay a certain amount to have the Cat-a-pult bonus rounds initiated automatically for them. The game’s RTP increases to 96.57%.

Due to the slot’s strong volatility, spending 50x your stake on a single spin might be a huge waste of money.


Awesome cartoonish online slot machine, Cat Clans, transports players to the Middle Ages to fight for…cats.

The game’s features are interesting, and the visuals, sound, and animation are above average, but this has always been Snowborn Games’ approach.

The game’s maximum jackpot may be as much as 20,000 times the player’s wager, making it one of the most profitable slots available.

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